A HipHop Celebration

This infographic details the use of music genres on TikTok. You can clearly see that rap/hip hop takes the biggest share of the pie chart.

Part of TikTok 2020 year review.

Music genres on TikTok

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Fashion Fair Cosmetics

The iconic makeup brand, Fashion Fair, is relaunching this September exclusively at Sephora.

Fashion Fair is coming prepared with new packaging, 72 new products, and actor Kiki Layne as brand ambassador.

Take a peak at Fashion Fair pricing and list of products:

14 shades of Iconic Lipstick ($26); 16 shades of SkinFlex Stick Foundation ($37); 14 shades of Crème to Powder Skin Foundation ($37); Fabulous Priming Serum ($37); six shades of Set it Loose Powder and 12 shades of Iconic Pressed Powder ($34).

Watch out for many PR unboxing in your respective feed.

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Source: Fashionista