Black Business Month

We’re celebrating Black Business Month by sharing the spotlight with Black-owned communications agencies in the Greater Montreal area.

This post invites you to share the name of your favourite Black-owned communications agencies during the month of August.

According to the Census bureau, there are only two million Black-owned businesses in the U. S.

New York, Georgia, Florida, and Texas are the states with the most Black-owned businesses.

As stated in the image: “The 40 million melanated Americans spend $1.1 trillion a year. If we spend 1/3 of this on each other, we’d all be millionaires in two years.”

How do you plan to get involved during Black Business Month?

Cheers to a lucrative Black Business Month!

Black to business!

National Lipstick Day

National Lipstick Day is a great date for lip service especially for clients in the beauty industry. Building awareness with product launch, new shade introduction, product placement, media features, (magazines, digital, print, radio, television) and hashtags rallies help you leverage your business.

There’s power in that little three-inch tube. So much power that 800 to 900 million tubes are sold in the world annually.

In 2019, L’Oréal Colour Riche was the leading lipstick brand.

Organic, vegan, matte, shiny, creamy, glossy, one swipe or double application, chances are you’ll find a lip product to your liking.

Lipstick prices vary from $1 to $100.

Not to mention the beautiful packaging will make you want to pamper your pout all day long!

Go for gold!

Whether you shop online or in stores, here are ten Black-owned beauty brands to adopt on National Lipstick Day:

The Lip Bar

Pat McGrath Labs

Fenty Beauty

Iman Cosmetics

Uoma Beauty

Black Opal

Coloured Raine

AJ Crimson Beauty

Beauty Bakerie

Mented Cosmetics

We thank you for reading our post about National Lipstick Day. What shade will you be rocking today?

This post is inspired by MAC Viva Glam.

Summer Olympics Games

The International Olympic Committee added four new sports at the Tokyo Summer Olympics Games. It’s an historic entry for:

  1. Karate
  2. Skateboarding
  3. Sport climbing
  4. Surfing

Will you be watching?

When it comes to writing about the Olympics, the Associated Press Stylebook recommends to always capitalize the word Olympian.

Keep the motto of the Olympics in your pitching: “Citius, Altius, Fortius” – meaning Faster, Higher, Stronger.

Let the games begin!

Summer Olympics Games happen from July 23 – August 8.

AP Stylebook hard copy

Longest Posting Streak

While reading and interacting with other websites, we came across some people with 100+ days of posting consecutively, while others even go as far as 200+ days of posting.

Last week, we posted five days in a row, and received this notification from WordPress.

If your goal is to improve your blogging habit, this new feature reminds you to blog daily.

What about you, what is your longest posting streak on WordPress?

National Ice Cream Month

We all scream for ice cream !

As many of you probably know, the month of July is designated as Ice Cream Month. We have all the scoop on ice cream.

Many companies decide to release new ice cream flavours during this period for promotional purposes.

According to Grand View Research, Inc., the market size value of ice cream is estimated to reach $USD 78.8 billion by 2025.

You prefer ice cream in a bowl? Ticked

You prefer ice cream in a cone? Ticked

One scoop? Ticked

Two scoops? Double ticked

The ten most popular flavours vary from vanilla to mint chocolate chip.

Ready to scoop away? And, they are:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies and cream
  • Mint chocolate chip
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Butter pecan
  • Birthday cake
  • Strawberry
  • Moose track
  • Neapolitan

What’s your go to ice cream flavour? Do you prefer branded or homemade ice cream? Tell us in the comments.

Special shout heart to the ice cream shop owners who let us handled their public relations campaigns!

What to Include in Your Press Kit

A press kit is a document that contains specific information about your business.

Used for product launches, special events or press conferences, the one-page or multipage document provides important insights about your company.

This image outlines the elements to include in your press kit:

  • Bio
  • Photograph
  • Logo
  • Fact sheets
  • Products
  • Contact information
Press Kit

Should you need help crafting your press kit, please fill out this form.